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August 25, 2003:

    Yesterday, I received official confirmation that The Need For Speed was voted "Best Action Video" at this years Otakon.  This was the largest anime event on the east coast and the final competition for The Need For Speed at an anime convention.
July 24, 2003:

    As of today The Need For Speed is available for downloading at AnimeMusicVideos.org.  If you are a member of "the org" you can download it from this link.  Thanks goes to TheLostFlock for use of his broadband connection.  It is a 100MB file!
    In other news, The Need For Speed was judged "Best Action Adventure" & "Best Overall" at Animethon.  Cheers to Vlad Pohnert for organizing the AMV events for the over 4000 congoers.  This weekend, the video will be shown at Anime Evolution in Vancouver, B.C.
July 09, 2003:

    On June 21, The Need For Speed was awarded a "Viewers' Choice" award at Fanime Con for "Best Action Video."  The AMV contest at this convention was organized extremely well by a competent group of volunteers who understand the importance of AMVs at anime conventions.  This weekend, the video will be shown at Animethon in Edmonton, Alberta.
    For those wanting a copy of the video, I am close to finishing an MPEG file which will be available at AnimeMusicVideos.org for downloading.  You must be a member of "the org" for at least 2 weeks before you can download from their server.  If you are not already a member, I recommend you join and $upport this community of anime music video fans.
May 23, 2003:

    Skyfire AMV Productions received an "Honourable Mention" at the Anime North 2003 music video contest for our newest AMV – The Need For Speed.  This video was very well received by the audience.
    While the video is not yet available for downloading, you can find a description of it in the videos section.  For those who live in western Canada,  The Need For Speed will be shown at Animethon and Anime Evolution.  In the United States it has been entered into the Fanime Con and Otakon music video contests.
February 16, 2003:

    THE TOWER OF POWER has once again been upgraded with new hardware.  Its memory has been tripled - not that it ever forgets anything - and a cd-writer has been added.  These will come in handy as Skyfire AMV Productions begins work on its latest action video for this years competition at Anime North 2003.  The details are confidential for now.
December 07, 2002:

    As of December 03, all websites hosted by Tripod.ca have been deleted without notice.  As a result, this site is now hosted on Tripod.com and the URL for this site has thus changed.  Update your bookmarks if needed.  Unfortunately, this has meant the presence of pop-up ads for those who have javascript enabled.  Everything else is unchanged.
November 20, 2002:

    The "Nine Lives" music video files have all been re-encoded for improved quality:
 (1) A new animated introduction replaces the old plain text one.
 (2) The semi-transparent Skyfire logo has been removed from the bottom right hand corner.
 (3) The low quality MPEG1 file has been replaced with a medium quality file.
 (4) The Realplayer file has improved audio.
November 02, 2002:

    THE TOWER OF POWER had an emergency motherboard transplant.  The SOYO K7V DRAGON+ was replaced with an ASUS A7V333 RAID.  It has now fully recovered and is back on the job
October 19, 2002:

    Due to the lack of a stable online host for my videos, I have added the above section to indicate which video files are currently available for downloading.
October 17, 2002:

    Unfortunately, the high quality MPEG1 copy of the "Nine Lives" music video is offline due to excessive demand.  The Realplayer and low quality MPEG1 copies are still working...for now.
October 16, 2002:

    I've added a high quality MPEG1 copy of the "Nine Lives" music video. See its page for further information.
October 15, 2002:

    The "Nine Lives" music video is once again available for downloading.  See the videos page for further instructions.  If anyone knows of a place which will host AMVs for free please let me know.
    My e-mail is finally working again.  Click hear if you feel the need to send death threats or "cease and desist" letters.
October 12, 2002:

    As you can see, this webpage has been redesigned with new graphics and a new "software" section.
    The videos are not available for downloading at the moment, but I am working on it.  My e-mail is also not working, for some strange reason.
September 1, 2002:

    Added an MPEG1 copy of my "Nine Lives" music video for downloading.
August 24, 2002:

    A Realplayer 8 copy of my "Nine Lives" music video is available for downloading.
August 17, 2002:

    Added links to other Anime Music Video pages.