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Title: The Need For Speed
Video Sources: (1) Macross Plus O.V.A.
(2) Macross D.Y.R.L.  (PSX video game)
(3) Top Gun (motion picture)
Music: (1) "Top Gun Anthem" by Harold Faltermeyer & Steve Stevens
(2) "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins
Length: 06:11 min
Date Created: April 2003
Premiered: Anime North 2003
Awards: -"Honourable Mention" at Anime North 2003
-"Best Action Video – Viewers' Choice" at FanimeCon 2003
-"Best Action Adventure" & "Best Judges Overall"
   at Animethon 10


    Your probably thinking, "Oh no, not another Top Gun/Danger Zone video!"  First of all, this is unlike other "Danger Zone" videos you may have seen.  In fact, this is unlike most any other AMV out there for that matter.  While The Need for Speed is essentially an action video, it blurs the lines between action, drama, comedy, parody, and character profile.
    It brings together two separate ideas I had been considering over the years. One, was to make an AMV showcasing Macross valkyries – simple enough.  The second, was to create an animated version of the movie Top Gun by replacing its live action footage with video from Macross and Macross Plus, leaving the audio track unchanged.  This second idea would be an insane amount of work.  So instead, I chose to combine these ideas into a single project.  The result is an action oriented AMV with a cinematic feel.
    The Need For Speed blends the Macross universe into the Top Gun motion picture.  It parodies the competition between the Isamu and Gould characters from Macross Plus with the competition between Mavrick and Ice Man from Top Gun.   The focus is on the reckless behaviour of the Isamu/Mavrick character.   This is enhanced by the use of "cut scenes" throughout the video where you see characters from Macross Plus performing scenes from Top Gun.  This is meant to add some drama to the video, however, at first you may find them humourous.  For the rest, you'll have to see for yourself.
    In terms of the technical aspects, this was the first time I used Adobe Premiere with the AVIsynth frame serving method to create a video.  Despite being a memory hog, it worked very well.  Then again, THE TOWER OF POWER is ready for any challenge.  The main challenge was getting the lip synching to look as natural as possible.  I used Adobe Photoshop for a few of the special effects, mainly the masking and composites.  All of the audio editing was done within Premiere, such as the alterations to the music and voice acting.  While this video is encoded in Surround Sound, a 2-speaker set up is more than sufficient.

    Do you have the need; the need for speed? 

MPEG1 format (at "the org")   99.6MB 352x240 resolution (variable bit rate)
MPEG1 format   96.4MB zipped 352x240 resolution (variable bit rate)

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